martedì 4 novembre 2008

Language and Sexism

 Language and Sexism,
Mills 2008, Cambridge University Press

> The issue of sexist language has been hotly debated within feminist circles
> since the 1960s. Previous books have tended to regard sexism in language as
> easy to identify and have suggested solutions to overcome and counter
> sexism. Sara Mills takes a fresh and more critical look at sexism in
> language, and argues that even in feminist circles it has become a
> problematic concept. Drawing on conversational and textual data collected
> over the last ten years, and with reference to recent research carried out
> in a range of different academic disciplines, Mills suggests that there are
> two forms of sexism - overt and indirect. Overt sexism is clear and
> unambiguous, while indirect sexism is based on pragmatics and the meaning
> and interpretation of utterances. Indirect sexism is extremely common and
> we therefore need new ways to challenge and analyse its usage in language.
> 1. Introduction;
> 2. Overt sexism;
> 3. Language reform;
> 4. `Political correctness';
> 5. Indirect sexism;
> 6. Conclusions.

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